Week 15: Art Activity – Design Thinking Applied to Life


For this week’s activity, I have created my 5 year plan which starts right now. Although it’s not exactly what I want to do every year, I hope to achieve these in my 20’s or so. I thought it really helped me figure out my 3 possible futures. For my evaluation of each future, I feel confident that if I work hard to achieve my career, I will be able to reach my goal. I am not worried about it. However, I am worried it will take me a while and I won’t be happy where I am in life by a certain time. As for resources, I hope to meet many people who can connect with me on my goals and have similar career goal. I believe each of my possible future will make me very happy and satisfied as a person. Given these results, it makes me very excited to see where life leads me. I am also nervous to experience my future because the interviews and videos I have seen that related to business, many of them has a huge passion for the thing they are doing. Unfortunately, I feel like I haven’t reached that point in my life yet and I am very hopeful that I will be in the same position as them when I’m older.

For my first possible future, I am currently thinking about being in business. I want to find a beginning career and earn experience in a company such as marketing or financing. I will hopefully then get promoted or find a job that is more to liking to work for a while and enjoy it. I will hopefully then get married and travel with the love my life. Once our adventures end, I hope to have kids and start my family to grow old with.

My second possible future if my current thing disappeared tomorrow would be pursuing something in the entertainment field. I enjoy making people laugh and I love meeting new people. If I were to be paid for being on social-media, that would be a dream.

My third future would be an entrepreneur. I would love to be my own boss and have my own business one day. Although it is a big dream, I hope one I will be able to achieve this goal as it is my biggest goal to accomplish in life. I believe it will eventually be financially stable and I can grow my business to my liking.


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