Week 12: Art Activity – Ethnography


So for this week’s activity, it was a little bit different. We had to spend a night without electricity which was hard because everything has electricity. I started my night around 8. I stayed in my room for the whole night because if I went around my house, my family would have lights on. I wanted to go outside and gaze at the stares but if I went outside, there would’ve been even the slightest electricity. I wanted to keep this as authentic as I could. Although, personally I am so scared of the dark. It was pitch black in my room. I didn’t have any candles so I just kind of laid in my bed and collected my thoughts to not concentrate on the darkness. It was maybe about an hour in and I was getting pretty sleepy since it was after a long day of work. I guess I had fallen asleep for the rest of the night because I woke up the next morning not knowing what had happened.

In my experience, I thought this was a fun yet difficult experience. Although I had very limited options considering where in the community had some sort of electricity. I got kind of bored laying in my bed with nothing to do so I can’t imagine what sorts of activities they had years ago when electricity wasn’t invented.


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