Week 10: Artist Conversation – Clare Samani

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Clare Samani
Exhibition: Dressed
Media: Print-making
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino
Instagram: @Clares_Printing

About the Artist

Clare Samani is currently attending Cal State Long Beach as a senior. She is originally from San Fernando Valley but is temporarily living in Long Beach for school. She is working towards her Bachelors in Fine Arts and majoring in print making. She has plans to continue school at grad school located in Louisiana. She has always loved art her whole life. Her dad had inspired her to draw in her childhood. However, she discovered print making when she was attending community college and fell in love with the whole process. Currently, she has been print making for about five years now.

Formal Analysis

The prints focuses on only one type of clothing. There is no structure to the fabrics. The color to each painting has it’s own speciality. Based on what color the dress is, the background compliments the fabric. Some of them are created with the same color but different shades. Also, the way it is hung on the wall, they are straight and aligned, although some prints may be slightly larger than others. The image on the print has some shape because of the way the clothing has been drawn. Some of the images, as show from up above, are two types of dresses. They are drawn very similar and the colors are the same as well. However, the one on the right is drawn in inverted shades next to each other.


Content Analysis 

Clare Samani has explained that her prints are based on American clothing. She wanted to display that there is such a variety of clothing with fashion in America. Her paintings were based on either a person or clothing. If she knew the person, the colors of the painting would represent the individual. However, she would also base some of her paintings based on the type of clothing. Her main idea was drawing on identity with the idea of pattern and design to each painting.

Synthesis/My Experience 

I really enjoyed the exhibit, Dressed. I thought her exhibit was very unique because of the different shades of colors, yet they were from the same color. I thought it made the prints pop out as their own individual. Also, some of the painting had another beside it with inverted colors. My favorite part of the gallery was the concept and idea behind it all. I was surprised when she said it was based on American clothing because I felt that there are many people in America who would want to show foreign types of clothes. I really like how she emphasized the variety and beauty in American fashion and based it on individual who she knew or a clothing she enjoyed. I think that’s what makes it even more meaningful.


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