Week 10 – Art Activity – Architecture & Urban Planning

There are a couple of architect mistakes that are here on CSULB campus. However, I don’t blame them. Although it is beautiful, you wouldn’t know have even known there is a mistake unless you experience it yourself. And once you experience, it’s hard to fix since it is already built and placed. I also see these little quirks as a little secret exclusively for CSULB students. It makes us unique and I wouldn’t want to change it.

However, for this assignment, I will be redesigning the side building of FA-4. Although I have gone and walked through it a few times, I have not actually walked in it when students are going in and out of the building since it is out of my way. Yet, I still can sense the traffic problem for students who may enter and go as apart of their routine at school since there are many students always coming and going from this building.

In the picture, you can see there are many different ways a student may leave and enter the building. One big flaw that I see is the door, right under the patio. Many students can go through that little opening but no one can predict when the door will open or not. Another I have noticed is there is a rail on the side and many students can go between the rail and tree, but this can cause traffic as well. I have set up my drawing so that both the rail and tree is gone. It would be wide open so that people can come and go as they please. I think it feels more welcoming rather than closed up with a bunch of plants as well.

My experience with this architecture planning was actually a bit difficult. I would actually think it would make everything easier to get rid of the railings and tree, but I was also afraid that students may complain about how simple and plain it looks. Although, I actually prefer it more open. Maybe after class, a student can walk out the doors and feel the sunshine on their skin instead of having the trouble of going through the crowd and feeling more suffocated after a two hour class session.


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