Week 9: Art Activity – Graffiti Writing


For this week’s activity, we were suppose to go out and find somewhere legal to spray paint. But I felt like many legal places already are full of enough names and pictures and decided to do mine at home. I was nervous to spray it at first because I didn’t want to ruin it, yet it happened anyways. I found another big piece of paper at home and started over. I actually really liked how it turned out considering it was difficult to actually have control over the spray. The windy weather did not help as well. I had to spray over my letters a couple of times to darken up the color. For my graffiti, I chose two colors, silver and light blue. I wanted a color that was near to black and white for a more dimensional effect and it worked. I had to study many graffiti art on Google and even searched how others would write the name “Kathy” in graffiti.

What I learned from this experience is that it is harder than it looks. I think if I had more paper, I would be more comfortable with the spray and be able to actually make it look better, but I was very limited. I thought it was really fun to spray paint since I’ve never done it before. I’m planning on saving my extra paint so that maybe once if I head over to LA and find a place to graffiti such as Venice. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to feel free with their art because once you spray it, you just have to go with it.


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