Week 9: Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Exhibition Information

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra
Exhibition: Recuerdos 
Media: Dolls, clothes, piano, shelves, closet
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

About the Artist

Dulce Soledad Ibarra is from Chino, California. However, she moved to Long Beach to study at Cal State Long Beach. She is on her way to graduation and earning a degree in the Bachelors of Fine Arts. She is currently a sculpting major. For this upcoming year, she is expecting to apply for grad school. Initially, she was a painting major but found it dull and decided she didn’t want to work with paint and found her passion in sculpting.

Formal Analysis

The sculpture portrays a little antique room. It contained dressers, a drawer, a piano, and even clothes. Although the clothes were neatly stuffed inside, the sculpture looked messy because it had the closet door opened and drawers slightly. The organization demonstrates as if someone has been ruffling around the room. There is no certain color scheme but are mostly solid and has a more dull, old look to it. However, it does not look run down.

IMG_1576.jpgAnother part of the sculpture displays a variety of dolls. There is not pattern to how it was organized but all the dolls have a place where it can be seen. The larger ones in the back while the smaller ones are in the front. However, there are a few scattered dolls with veils on them that are slightly more noticeable that others.


Looking at the whole sculpture, there are mostly dolls scattered around. There is a mix of sizes between the assortment. The color of the shelves, drawer, closet, and piano is all yellow, yet the room is full of color.

Content Analysis 

Dulce Soledad Ibarra major inspiration for her sculpture is her aunt. She used to collect “tacky objects” after a celebration or event has ended. It represents the good memories and spirits that were occurring that day. It allows the collector to revisit those old, happy times. However, those ideas connect to her aunt. For Dulce herself, she mentions that she will never understand the preciousness of the objects her aunt has left behind because she is not aware of the memory it holds. She does think that that holding onto things creates the act of hoarding, yet they can symbolize such importance to a person. Nevertheless, they are still monumental presently which is the reason she has created this sculpture.

Synthesis/My Experience 

Walking into the exhibit, I would’ve slept in it if it had a bed. It felt like a room from the past. There was many dolls that seem to have special meaning behind it. The way the sculpture was created, I can see the thought and organization of it. It wasn’t just a small room with a closet and drawers but I appreciated how some of it was opened and some closed. My favorite part, which is the main attraction of the sculpture are the dolls. They make wonder what meaning behind each of them, how long it actually took to collect, how old they are–I have so many questions about them. Overall, I enjoyed the experience and the antique image of it all.



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