Week 8: Art Activity – Finger Painting


Finger painting was a positive yet negative experience. I actually haven’t painted with my fingers before so it was my first time–or at least I don’t remember. It was harder than I imagined. I would dip my finger into the paint and when I started dragging my finger along the paper, it would suddenly disappear and I would have to go back over and over again for the color to evenly spread. Even though it would evenly spread after going over the line, I would have drawn only about 1/3 a line and it would vanish. I also thought it was very messy. I did not have a cup of water next to me but washing my fingers with my wide hands into a cup is probably not very comfortable. I actually became impatient with using my fingers because I would keep dipping my fingers repeatedly into the paint. I also didn’t really feel free with the paint. Although I had a bad experience with finger painting, I thought about other painters who do paint with their body or fingers. I appreciate them a lot more because I can feel their struggle now. I thought it was also harder to control as well because brushes actually have small to extra large sizes yet fingers are only a slightly different size. I would definitely recommend this to someone who enjoys being messy and letting themselves go to create art with their body or fingers.


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