Week 6: Art Activity – Flip Books

Recently, my life has become busy with a lot of studying and work each day while also trying to balance my social and family life. There are only so many days in a week and so many hours in a day. I have created this little flip book from Sunday to Saturday that I wish I was living. It consists of the basic necessities such as eating, sleeping, and going out for some activities. Then doing it all over for the week. What a dream!

Although I am not very great at drawing, I tried my best to make this little flip book! I enjoy drawing because it shows a person’s art and style, no matter how bad it is, rather than print it from online. I actually thought this was one of my best drawings I ever drew. Normally, it would be a struggle to draw objects because I don’t remember what they look like but for some reason, it didn’t turn out too bad. It took me about thirty minutes to an hour to make. However, what I hope to improve on next time is my creativity and drawing. I would definitely have made a cute little comic as a flip book. I would recommend this to any who loves drawing and enjoy making a little book for others to view and smile at.


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