Week 6: Artist Conversation


A puppy, just a few months old, was adopted by a family of three. They resided on the countryside of the area. The puppy loved the fresh air and open space he had everyday. It was peaceful and quiet which the puppy loved. He also enjoyed his time with other animals since he lived on a farm such as chickens, cows, and pigs. His best friend is the only son within the family. They would always keep each other company since there wasn’t much to do in the countryside. Their favorite activity to do with each other was playing fetch. They would play with a soccer ball, softball, basketball, tennis ball, any ball really that they could get a hold of. They would play so often that mother would yell for them to get back inside before it got too dark. They were inseparable.

One day, they were all on a road trip to the city. Of course, there were many cars and pedestrians going from one way to the other. A truck coming from one side of the intersection did not stop at a red light. Sadly, he struck their car and the whole family have unfortunately passed. The dog, however, survived. He was taken to an animal hospital as he had abrasions and was bleeding profusely.

Within a week of healing, he was back on his feet and missing his best friend. He knew in his heart he would never see him again. He adapted himself in an adoption center. He had not touched his food for days. A city family had passed by and believed they could give him the love and affection his first family did. However, that was not the case. When he arrived into his new home, he enjoyed the coziness of it. But when he ran out into the backyard, it was a small, cramp one. He only hears honks and smell pollution. He was saddened and ran back inside. He became a very disobedient and stubborn dog. He wanted to go back to the country. The family tried everything they could to keep him comfortable but he was still uncontrollable.

This dog became furious and his heart was broken. He hated the city. He hated all the people. He hated the minimal space he had. He missed his animal friends. His heart was meant to be in the country. He eventually ran away from his new home and made it back to the country where he first resided. The new family had taken him in. Although it was not the same, he was the happiest he’s been in a while.


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