Week 5: Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

For this weeks activity, we needed a partner for our drawing so who could be better other than my best friend! We’re always laughing when we are around each other which made it difficult for us to close our eyes and draw. We definitely felt different and silly while doing this activity. However, we managed to laugh minimally and let the drawing talk. After a few seconds, we got bored of drawing random circles and lines. We wanted to express our minds together. We felt like drawing something more–to make it look a bit more symbolic. Our imagination lead us to a star and a couple of hearts, which we jokingly said it meant the love for each other. Personally, I thought it wasn’t going to turn out like an actual star or heart so I was surprised when I opened my eyes. We both agreed this was a fun activity to do and it can also be relaxing by letting our minds just flow with our hands. I would definitely do this again, even alone! This activity is great as well because you don’t need to know how to draw and you can color your end result and make it look better than just lines itself. I recommend this to anyone who is having a stressful day.


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