Week 4: Art Activity – Art Care Package

For my art care package, I went for a theme of relationship and love. I made it personally for my boyfriend. I’ve put something in the box that meant the most to me during our relationship. I’m sending him these memorable times so when he opens the box, he will feel as if I am there with him. In the box, the four individual pictures depict the most memorable dates we had together. We also don’t get to see each other too often because we both live a bit of a distance away so I made him a couple of envelopes to open when he is really not feeling too well and I can’t be there with him. Lastly, the explosion box full of pictures as the most meaningful of all because it symbolizes a collection of photos from a whole year.

My experience with creating this art care package reminds me that I should show my boyfriend more appreciation. We’ve had many great first experiences together and I will never forget them. However, it was definitely a lot more work than sending it over the phone. It took me a couple hours to organize these meaningful items together but the definite end result, which is putting a smile on his face, will be worth it. Though, I know it’ll be a very similar reaction if I sent it over the phone as well. With technology improving and having better quality, he will be able to see the small, fine details within the photo as he will in person as well. Others will also be able to see it on Snapchat once posted on the story. I do not believe it means less or more but it is a good feeling to show others the effort and precious memories in a package. He will also be able to see it quicker once sent. It only takes one second for him to open and watch a ten second clip which if it were mailed, it might take a few weeks. Mailing the package as well may cost money. Additionally, the package may be altered in some way as well and I’ll have no idea whether it has arrived to him yet. I may even forget about it in those couple of weeks. Although, once the package has been retrieved, I believe he will feel love and warmth for five minutes and within a day, it will be on the side of the desk for a few months before looking at it again.

Although it’s great to have a physical copy of memories, I believe we have technology to create another great experience. For me, I see the pictures of these memories and they satisfy me already. I do not need a physical copy of photos. They will eventually cause a cluster around my personal space and I probably will not see them for another ten years. On the other hand, I will always have my phone with me and it will only take seconds for me to open and scroll through all my photos and I will think to myself, “I remember that” and cry about all the great memories we had for five minutes. Another great feature we have today on the iPhone is a “live” photo, which is my favorite alternative. It is a 3 second moving photo. I can remember the moments more than a still photo and it feels that it has taken me back to the specific time. Ultimately, there are definitely pros with a digital copy and physical one.


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