Week 3: Classmate Conversation – Grace

On February 8, we had our first SOA Gallery meeting. It was very different than meeting in class. Everyone was scattered and I knew it was gonna be difficult to find someone to have a conversation with. I learned that it was time to put myself out there. However, I was trying to find the perfect moment to approach someone but they approached me first. Her name was Grace.

Although she attends CSULB, she lives in Irvine. Her high school she attended was University High School. She recently obtained a job, about two months ago, at a curry restaurant, located in Diamond Jamboree. As her major, she is currently pursuing a career as a speech pathologist. She volunteers to help autistic children and her mentor inspired her to help young ones with speech impairment. As a freshman, she is already declared as well so she is already ahead of the game. Outside of school, she is obsessed with Rihanna and Beyonce and says she can listen to them all day. She loves playing with her dogs on her free time as well. She also only has two favorite desserts: cheesecake and ice cream.

When I first met her, we already had something that we could relate to, which was our literature class. We also both love dogs and ice creams as well. She is a very sweet girl and can definitely put a smile on your face. IMG_1294.jpg



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