Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Mimi Haddon

Exhibition Information

Artist: Mimi Haddon

Exhibition: Touch Color 2

Media: Fiber

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.mimihaddon.com/

Instagram: mimihaddon

About the Artist

Mimi Haddon currently attends CSULB as a student, pursing a M.F.A in the School of Art’s Fiber Arts. However, she is already a graduate and has a BA in Visual Communication Design. She worked as a graphic designer for two years in California. Then, she switched to photography. She spent a whole year in Paris where she had learned photography and French. However, she is now living in California and is a photographer plus has a passion for fiber art. She has a home studio in Santa Monica where she has workshops that allows others to learn from her as well. Her most recently gallery’s main focus was the beauty of warm colors made out of t-shirts.

Formal Analysis

The center of attention of Mimi’s exhibit was warm colors and t-shirts. There were many vibrant and warm colors such as red, purple, blue, green, and yellow. All of her art was made out of fiber. Her art work were not meant to be all the same, but similar. Most of her work also does not have a color pattern, but more of a color scheme. A rug made out of t-shirts had a color scheme of orange and red, while a wall full of balloon shaped t-shirts had a mixture of different shades of red, blue, yellow, and orange. There was also no patterns on each material but rather a one solid color. However, most of her color mixtures from each artwork, had a very a nice flow with each other.


For example, these shaped balloons made out of t-shirts were not all the same size. Some were smaller and some were larger. However, they were hung in a very straight, horizontal line against the wall. The color pattern seems to have some of the brighter colors next to some very warm colors. The fiber was not completely flat, but had a bit of volume to it, which gave the idea to viewers that they were actually balloons.


The rug’s color scheme was yellow, orange, and red. It does not seem to have a specific shape. It is laid out beautifully on the floor, instead of a wall. Although it is made out of t-shirts, it is braided into a small strand which makes up for the whole rug. The strands itself is not braided together so tightly, but loosely. It is also not placed fully spaced out but scrunched up together.

Content Analysis 

Mimi’s exhibition was completely focused upon colors and t-shirts. She chose t-shirts to use because they were readily recycled material. She first gets her inspirations from colors itself and then transitions into multiples which is the reason for so many colorful fibers. From then on, she lets intuition take over. She tries to focus more on playfulness and and fun. She wants viewers to understand where she is coming from. In this exhibit, she wants to get away from body architecture. Her art does not revolve around any bodies rather it is mainly concentrated then an unknown structure that allows others to wonder. Her art really brings creativity to viewers because her art is something that allows people to question it.

Synthesis/My Experience

I stepped into the Gatov West Gallery and wondered, “What is this?” I love art that catches my attention and has me asking questions to myself. Walking into Megan’s gallery that day, she was perfect for that. I thought her artwork was very different because she used different material– fiber. I enjoyed the many colors that were in the gallery, it really made my day a whole lot better. Being in her exhibit brought me many smiles because it just made everything so much brighter. One of my favorite from Mimi was the red, orange, and yellow rug on the floor. It really made me want to lay and feel it. It was very eye-catching to many others as well. There was always about five people around it as I passed by. It reminds me of the sun, and for that, it makes everything else brighter. Although I did not get to interview her for long, I did learn that she started off with a hundred pieces of t-shirts for the rug and lost count after. That is a lot of t-shirts used. Overall, I enjoyed her exhibit very much. Her art was very simple and fun to view. Her pieces were also easy to understand. I thought it gave people smiles and made their day brighter.



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