Week 2 Activity: Landscapes with a Corpse


Today is the day of my death. It was a dark and gloomy day outside, even sprinkled just a little bit. Therefore, there was a wet sign on the floor. Unfortunately, I was to excited to see my best friend and I slipped and fell to my death.

I actually took two takes– one in my driveway under my car and one at work. However, I wasn’t quite sure how to get a good scene with that. The one under my car was a bit dull so I had to think of a new idea. I decided to create this scene because it was at my most convenient, at work. I had a photographer friend who could help me with it. We decided to go with the idea of what was going on that day, the weather. It randomly rained a bit and we had a wet sign so we used what we had.

During my experience with the corpse activity, I actually found it was hard to look like a corpse. Although my body was the easiest, the hardest were my eyes. I had no idea where to look to make it look the most realistic. Although some people probably questioned what I was doing, it was fun and a new experience I haven’t had before. I think about how actors/actresses on tv make themselves look so dead on movies and shows. Overall, I believe with this activity, there can be so many creative ideas and doing it right, can be very beautiful. However, I am not that creative so I tried my best with this. I am happy how the pictures turned out.


IMG_1274.jpgIMG_1278 (2).jpg


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