Week 2: Classmate Conversation

It was the second week of meeting someone new. This time, I was more comfortable to introducing myself to someone. I turned to my right and he introduced himself first. Although he said his name, I blanked out and didn’t quite catch it. He was a very nice and friendly. He seemed confident with himself and enjoys talking to others, which made it easier on me since he would do most of the talking. I soon figured out why he was so great at talking– he was majoring in communications. He discussed how he was nervous when he first presenting in his public speaking but eventually warmed up to the crowd since he kept getting points off for not giving eye contact. His advice for speaking in front of a crowd was to not look into the audience’s eyes.

Also, something we have in common is that we’re both locals. He used to live in Anaheim, which is where I live currently. However, he moved to Long Beach, somewhere closer to college. He also went to Cypress High School and played baseball for school and enjoys playing golf. However, his favorite is baseball.

Before ending our conversation, I apologized and asked for what his name was again since I didn’t remember it. He was totally cool with it and said it happens to him all the time. His name was Kevin. After I caught his name, I left but ran back because I almost forgot a picture and ran back. Our picture turned out like like!



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