Week 5: Art Activity – Automatic Drawing

For this weeks activity, we needed a partner for our drawing so who could be better other than my best friend! We’re always laughing when we are around each other which made it difficult for us to close our eyes and draw. We definitely felt different and silly while doing this activity. However, we managed to laugh minimally and let the drawing talk. After a few seconds, we got bored of drawing random circles and lines. We wanted to express our minds together. We felt like drawing something more–to make it look a bit more symbolic. Our imagination lead us to a star and a couple of hearts, which we jokingly said it meant the love for each other. Personally, I thought it wasn’t going to turn out like an actual star or heart so I was surprised when I opened my eyes. We both agreed this was a fun activity to do and it can also be relaxing by letting our minds just flow with our hands. I would definitely do this again, even alone! This activity is great as well because you don’t need to know how to draw and you can color your end result and make it look better than just lines itself. I recommend this to anyone who is having a stressful day.


Week 5: Artist Conversation – Molly Ramage

Exhibition Information

Artist: Molly Ramage
Exhibition: Sleep Sweat
Media: Paper mache, ink, etching, wood cut
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A 
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist

Molly Ramage currently attends CSULB as a junior. She is an undergraduate and is working towards a Bachelors in Fine Arts in the School of Arts program. Although she has taken a couple years off from school, she has still been working on art projects. She has been an artist for a very long time. Her major is print making and also enjoys paper mache. She was not sure what print making was at first but discovered it from a survey class. She enrolled in a print making class and really enjoyed the natural way of creating art. Many of her artwork are inspired very close personal experience of hers.

Formal Analysis

The theme of Molly’s drawings are about dreams. They represent the fear one may have in their dreams. Most of the colors are that are used are very warm with shades of darkness. The art lets off an emotional state of distress. Some of the drawings have a bit of texture such as the word “star,” which has been made from print making. Most of the drawings are flat and has no texture. However, the way it has been organized on the wall is not just a straight line but it has been placed in a way that connects with other drawings.

However, there were also two paper mache artwork. They were 3D. The colors were mostly dark colors with a pop of white. The darker colors represent some type of evil that may an individual may feel. The texture was rough. It doesn’t have an smooth surface. The figures were also medium sized compared to a person to emphasize the purpose of her exhibit.

Content Analysis

Most of her work expresses an overwhelming emotion. She is inspired by her own personal experiences and the artwork represents what she feels inside. They are overwhelming emotions a person may have. For her paper mache artwork, she specifically created them for this exhibit. It goes well along with her theme of emotions. For her drawings, she first creates the figures and then connects a character with it instead of forcing a bond together.


I really like Molly’s exhibit. It really depicts a dark feeling many individuals may feel but doesn’t want to talk about. For me, these feelings come from not knowing where I might be heading in life. Although I have an idea, I’m scared I won’t be satisfied with my success. One of my favorite artwork from Molly is her paper mache. It displays a girl sleeping with a dark monster under her bed. It reminds me of when I was younger, I was afraid something was hiding under my bed or closet. However, I can see this piece as something you have to overcome and do not let fear stop you from chasing your dreams.

Week 4: Art Activity – Art Care Package

For my art care package, I went for a theme of relationship and love. I made it personally for my boyfriend. I’ve put something in the box that meant the most to me during our relationship. I’m sending him these memorable times so when he opens the box, he will feel as if I am there with him. In the box, the four individual pictures depict the most memorable dates we had together. We also don’t get to see each other too often because we both live a bit of a distance away so I made him a couple of envelopes to open when he is really not feeling too well and I can’t be there with him. Lastly, the explosion box full of pictures as the most meaningful of all because it symbolizes a collection of photos from a whole year.

My experience with creating this art care package reminds me that I should show my boyfriend more appreciation. We’ve had many great first experiences together and I will never forget them. However, it was definitely a lot more work than sending it over the phone. It took me a couple hours to organize these meaningful items together but the definite end result, which is putting a smile on his face, will be worth it. Though, I know it’ll be a very similar reaction if I sent it over the phone as well. With technology improving and having better quality, he will be able to see the small, fine details within the photo as he will in person as well. Others will also be able to see it on Snapchat once posted on the story. I do not believe it means less or more but it is a good feeling to show others the effort and precious memories in a package. He will also be able to see it quicker once sent. It only takes one second for him to open and watch a ten second clip which if it were mailed, it might take a few weeks. Mailing the package as well may cost money. Additionally, the package may be altered in some way as well and I’ll have no idea whether it has arrived to him yet. I may even forget about it in those couple of weeks. Although, once the package has been retrieved, I believe he will feel love and warmth for five minutes and within a day, it will be on the side of the desk for a few months before looking at it again.

Although it’s great to have a physical copy of memories, I believe we have technology to create another great experience. For me, I see the pictures of these memories and they satisfy me already. I do not need a physical copy of photos. They will eventually cause a cluster around my personal space and I probably will not see them for another ten years. On the other hand, I will always have my phone with me and it will only take seconds for me to open and scroll through all my photos and I will think to myself, “I remember that” and cry about all the great memories we had for five minutes. Another great feature we have today on the iPhone is a “live” photo, which is my favorite alternative. It is a 3 second moving photo. I can remember the moments more than a still photo and it feels that it has taken me back to the specific time. Ultimately, there are definitely pros with a digital copy and physical one.

Week 4: Artist Conversation – Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah

Exhibition Information

Artists: Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah

Exhibition: Immaterial

Media: Paint, wood, canvas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: None

Instagram: Elmer Guevara – 3lmski1, Robert Nehemiah – Wookieewarrior

About the Artists 

Elmer Guevara and Robert Nehemiah are both upcoming graduates at Cal State Long Beach. They will be celebrating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. They are enrolled in the School of Arts in the program for drawing and painting, which is a great passion of theirs.  Elmer has a passion for art since the beginning of his youth. He was greatly influenced by his older cousins and friends. They introduced him first to graffiti and paintings which he has been continuing until current time. On the other hand, Robert was a potential artist but did not always pursue a career in art.  In one point of his life, he wanted to be a firefighter for the idea of a paying job as he got older. However, he was influenced from a previous course and changed his career path. He left his firefighter career to join the art industry. He enjoys painting portraits of a significant person in his life such as his family members. His speciality is painting on different types of materials to display.

Formal Analysis 

There are two different types of artwork in the exhibit, Immaterial. There is a pattern of each. First there is a painting on canvas, then there is a painting on wood, and so on.

The canvas depicts an abstract pattern. Some of the canvas paintings have more texture which makes it more 3D and alive.For example, the painting called, “Lala,” has more detailing around his pants. There is material that folds outward and adds volume to become more realistic.


Most of the canvas based paintings are the same as well. They are not just painted on but is jagged on the surface. There is staccato in the paintings. Objects would sometimes be similar to double vision due to the idea of moving in the painting. The canvases consists of many different colors and mostly present a background of the city streets. The colors within the person consists of more warm and cool colors. The only bright color would be the blue sky in some of the backgrounds.

The other paintings are uniquely on different materials. There is unprimed wood, tarp, metal, and cardboard. The paint is smooth on the surface and does not have any texture with the paint itself. However, the material is what adds texture to the paintings. The border of the painting is not smooth, straight but more broken and run down. The paint colors are not very bright and adds a more solemn effect. However, the paint on the different materials looks freshly painted on and vibrant. It focuses on only one person with a simple background. There is little light coming from one angle of their face that views as a spotlight which signifies the importance of the person.

Content Analysis

Robert Nehemiah uses different materials for his art. He says he doesn’t try to force his model onto the material but rather wants them to connect and mean something when they come together. He first finds a material that attracts him the most and then finds a person to bond with it. Most of his work is a one person portrait because he wants to show the importance of the person. He also uses very warm but vibrant colors to make his portraits more serious.

Although Elmer focuses on one person as well, his portraits more abstract. His idea is to visually present a portrait of the person moving. His reasoning is because of the many photos he takes of the person. They live on the streets and they are always moving around. He initially has a visual interview, as he calls it, with someone random on the street of South LA and sometimes downtown LA. Most of his work symbolizes the person he has interviewed and their story. His inspirations for his paintings comes from the city, where he is from. All of his paintings are from South LA except his painting called “Portrait of a Friend” which is from downtown LA.

Synthesis/My Experience

I really enjoyed the ideas of the artists. The paintings were simple enough where I can understand but there was also a very significant meaning behind it. It was my type of exhibit where I really enjoyed the show. I could see the similarities that the artists had together as well, which definitely helped both of their artwork flow together.

Walking into the gallery, I saw the portraits were also very large. I liked how it gave a close-up feel but it also was not very overwhelming. The colors were on the darker warm side which gave a relaxing view. However, my favorite part of the exhibit is seeing the the different materials used and the meanings behind each portraits. The artists gave a little insight on each of their artwork that was displayed which included a small story as well. It was very interesting to hear how they came about and produced each painting so uniquely to display for each person.

Week 3: Classmate Conversation – Grace

On February 8, we had our first SOA Gallery meeting. It was very different than meeting in class. Everyone was scattered and I knew it was gonna be difficult to find someone to have a conversation with. I learned that it was time to put myself out there. However, I was trying to find the perfect moment to approach someone but they approached me first. Her name was Grace.

Although she attends CSULB, she lives in Irvine. Her high school she attended was University High School. She recently obtained a job, about two months ago, at a curry restaurant, located in Diamond Jamboree. As her major, she is currently pursuing a career as a speech pathologist. She volunteers to help autistic children and her mentor inspired her to help young ones with speech impairment. As a freshman, she is already declared as well so she is already ahead of the game. Outside of school, she is obsessed with Rihanna and Beyonce and says she can listen to them all day. She loves playing with her dogs on her free time as well. She also only has two favorite desserts: cheesecake and ice cream.

When I first met her, we already had something that we could relate to, which was our literature class. We also both love dogs and ice creams as well. She is a very sweet girl and can definitely put a smile on your face. IMG_1294.jpg


Week 3 – Artist Conversation – Mimi Haddon

Exhibition Information

Artist: Mimi Haddon

Exhibition: Touch Color 2

Media: Fiber

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: http://www.mimihaddon.com/

Instagram: mimihaddon

About the Artist

Mimi Haddon currently attends CSULB as a student, pursing a M.F.A in the School of Art’s Fiber Arts. However, she is already a graduate and has a BA in Visual Communication Design. She worked as a graphic designer for two years in California. Then, she switched to photography. She spent a whole year in Paris where she had learned photography and French. However, she is now living in California and is a photographer plus has a passion for fiber art. She has a home studio in Santa Monica where she has workshops that allows others to learn from her as well. Her most recently gallery’s main focus was the beauty of warm colors made out of t-shirts.

Formal Analysis

The center of attention of Mimi’s exhibit was warm colors and t-shirts. There were many vibrant and warm colors such as red, purple, blue, green, and yellow. All of her art was made out of fiber. Her art work were not meant to be all the same, but similar. Most of her work also does not have a color pattern, but more of a color scheme. A rug made out of t-shirts had a color scheme of orange and red, while a wall full of balloon shaped t-shirts had a mixture of different shades of red, blue, yellow, and orange. There was also no patterns on each material but rather a one solid color. However, most of her color mixtures from each artwork, had a very a nice flow with each other.


For example, these shaped balloons made out of t-shirts were not all the same size. Some were smaller and some were larger. However, they were hung in a very straight, horizontal line against the wall. The color pattern seems to have some of the brighter colors next to some very warm colors. The fiber was not completely flat, but had a bit of volume to it, which gave the idea to viewers that they were actually balloons.


The rug’s color scheme was yellow, orange, and red. It does not seem to have a specific shape. It is laid out beautifully on the floor, instead of a wall. Although it is made out of t-shirts, it is braided into a small strand which makes up for the whole rug. The strands itself is not braided together so tightly, but loosely. It is also not placed fully spaced out but scrunched up together.

Content Analysis 

Mimi’s exhibition was completely focused upon colors and t-shirts. She chose t-shirts to use because they were readily recycled material. She first gets her inspirations from colors itself and then transitions into multiples which is the reason for so many colorful fibers. From then on, she lets intuition take over. She tries to focus more on playfulness and and fun. She wants viewers to understand where she is coming from. In this exhibit, she wants to get away from body architecture. Her art does not revolve around any bodies rather it is mainly concentrated then an unknown structure that allows others to wonder. Her art really brings creativity to viewers because her art is something that allows people to question it.

Synthesis/My Experience

I stepped into the Gatov West Gallery and wondered, “What is this?” I love art that catches my attention and has me asking questions to myself. Walking into Megan’s gallery that day, she was perfect for that. I thought her artwork was very different because she used different material– fiber. I enjoyed the many colors that were in the gallery, it really made my day a whole lot better. Being in her exhibit brought me many smiles because it just made everything so much brighter. One of my favorite from Mimi was the red, orange, and yellow rug on the floor. It really made me want to lay and feel it. It was very eye-catching to many others as well. There was always about five people around it as I passed by. It reminds me of the sun, and for that, it makes everything else brighter. Although I did not get to interview her for long, I did learn that she started off with a hundred pieces of t-shirts for the rug and lost count after. That is a lot of t-shirts used. Overall, I enjoyed her exhibit very much. Her art was very simple and fun to view. Her pieces were also easy to understand. I thought it gave people smiles and made their day brighter.


Week 2 Activity: Landscapes with a Corpse


Today is the day of my death. It was a dark and gloomy day outside, even sprinkled just a little bit. Therefore, there was a wet sign on the floor. Unfortunately, I was to excited to see my best friend and I slipped and fell to my death.

I actually took two takes– one in my driveway under my car and one at work. However, I wasn’t quite sure how to get a good scene with that. The one under my car was a bit dull so I had to think of a new idea. I decided to create this scene because it was at my most convenient, at work. I had a photographer friend who could help me with it. We decided to go with the idea of what was going on that day, the weather. It randomly rained a bit and we had a wet sign so we used what we had.

During my experience with the corpse activity, I actually found it was hard to look like a corpse. Although my body was the easiest, the hardest were my eyes. I had no idea where to look to make it look the most realistic. Although some people probably questioned what I was doing, it was fun and a new experience I haven’t had before. I think about how actors/actresses on tv make themselves look so dead on movies and shows. Overall, I believe with this activity, there can be so many creative ideas and doing it right, can be very beautiful. However, I am not that creative so I tried my best with this. I am happy how the pictures turned out.


IMG_1274.jpgIMG_1278 (2).jpg

Week 2: Classmate Conversation

It was the second week of meeting someone new. This time, I was more comfortable to introducing myself to someone. I turned to my right and he introduced himself first. Although he said his name, I blanked out and didn’t quite catch it. He was a very nice and friendly. He seemed confident with himself and enjoys talking to others, which made it easier on me since he would do most of the talking. I soon figured out why he was so great at talking– he was majoring in communications. He discussed how he was nervous when he first presenting in his public speaking but eventually warmed up to the crowd since he kept getting points off for not giving eye contact. His advice for speaking in front of a crowd was to not look into the audience’s eyes.

Also, something we have in common is that we’re both locals. He used to live in Anaheim, which is where I live currently. However, he moved to Long Beach, somewhere closer to college. He also went to Cypress High School and played baseball for school and enjoys playing golf. However, his favorite is baseball.

Before ending our conversation, I apologized and asked for what his name was again since I didn’t remember it. He was totally cool with it and said it happens to him all the time. His name was Kevin. After I caught his name, I left but ran back because I almost forgot a picture and ran back. Our picture turned out like like!