Week 1: Art Activity – Plaster Casting


The weather was windy and cold, not quite the ideal type for the beach. However, I decided to go anyways for my casting project. I started off by digging a hole, big enough for my foot. I then ran to the ocean to get some wet sand so I can create my mold. Once I finished, I took out the sand from the bucket. Unfortunately, there was a strong wind that passed by and somehow my bucket fell out of my hand. It landed in flat sand and ended up having a large crack on the side which made it difficult for me to follow the next step.

I decided to lean the bucket to the side so I was able to keep the water in the bucket. It was hard to measure how much plaster and water I needed as well but I went with my instinct and poured a fairly good amount and started mixing it until it was like buttermilk. After it was mixed well, I poured the liquid into my mold. As the instructions stated to pour it in slowly, I made a mistake of filling up the mold and pouring out the plaster and water into the ocean so quickly since it kept leaking and making a big mess. About five minutes later, I realized the liquid was getting absorbed into the sand and I struggled to make more plaster to pour in. I left the plaster in the bucket this time, even though it kept leaking and started to see the plaster getting thicker over time which was pretty interesting how fast it was hardening.

After twenty minutes of water, I was afraid the liquid was too thin and would take a while to dry and waited another twenty minutes. I started to take my time digging around the plaster so it would be easier to take out. It took me about 15 minutes trying to get the whole thing out but the first thing I saw were the imprints of my toes. I felt so happy that the whole project worked, especially since it was my first time and did not have time to do it again a different day if it didn’t work. Finally, I got my mold out and it was beautiful.

Overall, my experience was fun and I would do it again with friends. It was pretty easy, even for someone who doesn’t know how plaster works. It can definitely show someone’s creative side, instead of using a foot or a hand, an outline of something can be used as well to plaster without sand. And after the mold has been finished, you can also paint it and decorate it. In the future, I would definitely want to try a different shape other than a hand or foot. Instead, I want a heart shape or a star and take it home so I can paint it and have something memorable by experiencing it with friends. However, a shape of a foot or hand is also unforgettable since everyone has a different foot and hand. If a friend was leaving for college or moving to another state, they could keep it and show off your foot or hand. It definitely would be a good story to tell!



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