Week 1: Classmate Conversation

It was the first day of Art 110 course. I was sitting by myself, not really knowing anyone in the class. However, by the end of class, we had to make conversation with someone we didn’t know at all. That was the goal. Unfortunately, as the shy girl I am, I was crazy nervous to talk to someone so I just turned over and introduced myself to the  nearest person.

IMG_1192.jpgHis name was Milon. First Milon I have ever met. I discovered he was Columbian and Mexican. He was born in the U.S and has never visited Columbia before. He also doesn’t know the Columbian language much but says Spanish and Columbian are very similar. He is from around Downey and is a second year at CSULB. The most interesting thing I found out about him is that he is trying to make his way into law enforcement. His reasoning? To better the image of cops since there is a growing negative view on police. In addition, he is already declared into his sociology major which will help him be a better police officer by learning the behaviors of society. Last thing I learned about him before we said our good byes was that he was also in the CSULB program for the army! He is definitely on a successful path and confidently knows what he wants.



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